"Tim Webb and Stephen Beaumont" beer World Atlas

ISBN: 978-84-15317-35-7


Tim Webb and Stephen Beaumont.

Bound in hard cover and format in 23x29cm.

256 pages.

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Formas de pago

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The authors, renowned specialists around the world, provide information ranging from the Trappist ale from Belgium to Bavarian wheat beers, Breton black beers, the California aged in barrels, the British bitter, the bia hoi-Vietnamese, the traditional Finnish Ensiferum, as well as productions of hundreds of craft breweries from around the world, from the United States and Canada to Japan and even the islands of the Pacific. It presents a detailed analysis of the development of beer around the world, as well as multiple production techniques currently used. It includes maps of great detail, where the main breweries are located. Likewise issues are addressed as the pairing of beer with the meal and the best way to serve the different existing types