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Crafts Bolesa ceramic awiec, region in the South-West of Poland, dates back to medieval times and is well known and esteemed throughout Europe. At present, various cooperatives of local craftsmen combine the tradition of artistic handicraft of the region with the modern applied arts. Their designs have been internationally recognized.


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The area of Bolesa awiec is famous for its well known local clay, which contains a suitable composition as raw material for ceramic products; It is a silicon, feldspar, and something of kaolin clay. Ceramics which gives rise, when high temperatures of cooking, more than 1000 ° C, has a dense, durable and partially glazed structure. It is resistant to temperature, humidity, as well as chemical and mechanical degradation. All parts have a few exclusive designs that are not found in any national settlement. All products have the exquisite quality of the best artistic ceramics in Europe. Remember, there are three types of ceramics

1. ceramic earthenware type. Used a low firing temperature, surfaces must be glazed to retain water, this causes some weakness and part can break easily into many fragments. In addition, to the cascarillarse or cracking, enters the moisture and bacteria breed in cracks.

2 porcelain. High cooking temperatures are used and the ceramic is hard as stone. It has the disadvantage of its fragility and break easily, in addition to not resist high temperatures. It can not be used as containers.

3. CERAMIC GLAZED TYPE GRES-STONEWARE (BOLESA AWIEC). They have a very high baking temperature and the ceramic is hard as stone (Stone). It resists high temperatures and therefore can get into the oven, being tough and durable, even as everyday tableware. It can also be used with the microwave and its resistant enamel allows you to wash in the dishwasher.