21 CM Pro-Balance chef knife



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Knife chef 21cm blade ideal for professional use or for those who perform daily cut, slice or chop vegetables and fruits. It is preconfigured so cannot change the balanced and that fatigue is the minimum, in repetitive tasks thus facilitating work.

Jiminox is a German brand of cookware created 25 years ago and which has headquarters in Solingen (Germany) and in Hong Kong, with great international prestige.

One of the biggest impact products have been Pro-Balance knives, which have caused fury among high-level professionals.

Pro-Balance knives have a unique feature in the market: allows you to adjust the balance according to the preferences of the user.

Its design has received the most prestigious international awards

All knives are presented in a solid and attractive gift box 

The unique structure of the Pro-Balance knives make use and comfort top. 

Its design is characterised by:

-Structure of a piece with a smooth cut blade

-Treated stainless steel sub-zero 

-Handle with an ergonomic design 

-Perfect weight distribution 

-Differentiation by colour code 

-Adjustment of the balanced