Braumeister for 20 litres of beer



Automatic machine in stainless steel for brewing at home by hand.

Accessories cooling coil and cover copper See here Copper lid

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Formas de pago
Formas de pago

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Fully automatic control with programmed recipes. In all phases of preparation time and the temperature stays. Advantage with some other brewers processes cumbersome equipment. The patented technology of malt, wort tube is soft and comfortable circulation. To burn anything and not have during the phases of brewing are also transferred. Stainless steel quantity Brewing 20 litres of beer manufactured (normal beer) = approx 25 litres of beer wort Max. 6 kg of malta.

Heating element: 2000 W heating power

Pump: 9 W

Power supply: 230 V (. hedge at least 10 amp.)

Control: Fully automatic brewing Control (temperature, time, pump).

Max Cantidad of malta: 6kg